why woohoo?


woohoo! has been uniquely formulated to include only organic ingredients that are not harmful to the body.

So, Why is an organic lubricant so important?

You wouldn’t knowingly eat something that you knew contained potentially harmful ingredients, would you?

Then why would you apply them to intimate parts of your body?

Many personal care products contain synthetic preservatives, such as parabens (which many believe are linked to breast cancer) and glycerine and glycols – which are known irritants.

woohoo! has therefore been created to address the concerns of a growing number of people concerned about the ingredients in intimate care products, and contains only organic, chemical-free, high quality ingredients.

woohoo! is free from:
•    Parabens
•    Glycerine
•    Glycols
•    Silicones
•    Hormones
•    Grapefruit seed
•    Artificial colours or preservatives
•    Flavourings or perfumes
•    Petroleum products

Responsibly formulated using only certified organic ingredients, woohoo! has been awarded the prestigious Soil Association certification. (read more about our friends at the Soil Association)

woohoo! ingredients:
•   Aqua
•   Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
•   Organic Guar Gum
•   Organic Green Tea Extract
•   Organic Horsetail Extract
•   Organic Locust Bean Gum
•   Carrageenan
•   Rose Ether (Phenoxyethanol)
•   Potassium Sorbate