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Q. I have always enjoyed a healthy sex life but ever since the menopause, vaginal dryness has become an issue for me, causing significant discomfort during intercourse.  I don’t like the idea of visiting specialist high street shops for a solution as it feels a little seedy to me – is there an alternative?

A. Vaginal dryness can affect any woman regardless of age, however, is very common for those having gone through the menopause – with an estimated 65% experiencing symptoms. An effective way to combat this is through the use of a water-based lubricant. If you don’t feel comfortable buying this over the counter, you can buy such products as woohoo! discreetly online at
woohoo! is a new organic lubricant which contains only natural ingredients. Priced at £5.99 for 50ml the unique formulation has been designed to enhance intercourse.

Q. My partner and I have become very distant over the last few months, and I fear it may because of my lack of sex drive.  Sex has become very uncomfortable since the menopause due to a lack of lubrication, so I frequently avoid it altogether.  I am too embarrassed to tell him about it let alone tell the doctor.  What can I do?

A. As many as 65% of menopausal and post menopausal women experiencing vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex as a result of the reduction in oestrogen which leads to a lack of lubrication during sexual activity. This frequently leads to feelings of isolation and rejection within relationships as well as issues with self esteem. Available exclusively through woohoo! is a new organic lubricant that has been launched to enhance intercourse through its unique, water based formula.

Is a lack of lubrication causing problems in your relationship, ruining your sex life?
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